How to Get Support

Mosaic Communications Corporation is excited to offer our products, Netscape and Netsite, for sale to companies and organizations wishing to post and view information on the Internet or an internal network. Support for 90 days comes bundled with all purchased products and can be initiated by registering as a user.

We also offer Netscape free to individuals for personal use or for educational use in accredited educational institutions. Our 90 day warranty support is not offered with free software taken off the net but support can be purchased on a time-and-materials basis under our Mosaic Communications Corporation Consultation service.

We have a strong and continuous committment to grow our electronic information base so that you can be an informed user of our products.

Here are our programs:

Corporate Support Agreements

Mosaic Communications Corporation offers support agreements for companies and organizations who want to stay fully informed and avoid the risk of unsupported technology. These agreements are an annualized subscription for Netsite applications and either a help desk annual subscription or time-and-materials support for Netscape applications. We hope that no matter what the size of your ambition or the size of your organization is, you will find a support level that fits your needs.

Netsite Support

Annual support contracts are available for each installed Netsite server and are not discountable. Although we are providing a great amount of support information over the Internet, we will also push more technical information, maintenance releases, and selected call histories to supported Netsite customers. In addition, supported customers will have direct access to our technical support engineers and will receive Netsite updates and documentation as they are released. Product upgrades and training will be available at a discount for supported customers.

Pricing for Netsite support contracts:

Netsite 1.0 Communications Server support contract: US$995/year

Netsite 1.0 Commerce Server support contract: US$2,000/year

Please contact Mosaic Communications Corporation Customer Solutions Center by e-mail,, for a quotation.

Netscape Support

Mosaic Communications Corporation offers two support alternatives for companies and organizations seeking help with their installed base of Netscape products.

Developer's Program

Mosaic Communications Corporation offers a premium support program, the Developer's Program, for Knowledge Engineering teams working to construct information systems based on Mosaic Communication Corporation's products. This program offers:

Pricing for Developer's Program:

The program is available at an annual fee of US$50,000.

Please contact Mosaic Communication Corporation's Customer Solutions Center by e-mail,, for a quotation.

Highlights of Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions help you learn about our products and their use.

Netscape Handbook
We provide the Netscape user documentation online.

Phone Support
Carefully trained network commandos are available from 8:00am to 6:00pm PST/PDT, Monday through Friday.

Keeping Current
We provide updates, maintenance releases, and bug fixes where required.

Severity Definitions
How far up the creek are you?

Help on the Internet
Performance notes, sponsored Newsgroup, and call resolution histories updated weekly are also available to you.

E-mail and Online Forms
You can communicate with us and get information using e-mail or the online forms on our home page.

Training Courses
We are offering our first ever Netsite Server training programs.
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